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24 Russell Street, Acushnet MA, 02743

The Acushnet Fire and Police Departments were successful in receiving grant funding for the purchase of two All Terrain Vehicles.  These ATV's will be used in many ways; from patrol and surveillance work by Police Officers to carrying water and tools into off road areas by Firefighters at woods fires.  Two 26-gallon water tanks equipped with a pump and hose can be mounted on the rear of each unit.  By quickly bringing water to the front of a woods fire it is possible to limit the fires spread.

The Southeast Homeland Security Council provided funding for the ATV's.  The grant was a joint effort of the Fire and Police Departments.  Prior to this grant award the public safety departments of Acushnet had no mechanized means to access the wooded areas of our community.

The Acushnet Police Department website contains information on how residents can report ATV related vandalism and request Police Officer ATV patrols.  Please visit them at www.acushnetpd.com.

Above, Firefighter Eric Arruda works on installing one of the pump-equipped 26 gallon water tanks.

ATV UPDATE - 8/11/06

As of August 11, 2006, the two new ATVs have been readied for frontline service with the addition of new protective equipment (helmets, goggles, etc.) as well as a new trailer for rapid transportation of the units.  Below are some new photos of the ATVs and the new trailer.





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