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In November 2005 the Governor signed "Nicole's Law" which requires every home in the state to have carbon monoxide (CO) alarms beginning on March 31, 2006.  Last year Acushnet Town Meeting passed a by-law that requires a carbon monoxide alarm present at the time of the sale of a home.  While the new state law is similar to our local by-law, there are several important differences.

In brief; anyone who owns residential property (privately owned home or rental property) regardless of size (1 & 2 family, apartment houses) that contain fossil fuel burning equipment (oil, natural gas, propane, wood, coal, etc.) OR has enclosed parking (attached or enclosed garages) is required to install carbon monoxide alarms by March 31st.

In order to comply with this new law you must install one CO alarm on every level of your home including basements and attics that have habitable living spaces such as family rooms, dens, etc.  On levels of your home with sleeping areas the alarms must be placed within ten feet of the bedroom doors.  Sleeping areas separated by large distances may require more than one alarm.

The law allows you as the homeowner to decide what type of CO alarm to be used.  Your choices include battery powered with indicators of low battery power, plug-in units with batter backup and primary power (hardwired) units.

If you are a landlord the law places additional responsibilities upon you.  Landlords must inspect, test and maintain the CO alarms at least once a year or at the beginning of any rental period, such as lease or renewal or apartment turnover.  Batteries are required to be replaced once a year.

How will this law be enforced?  While your home is required to comply by the end of March, our inspectors will be looking to see that the alarms are present and in the proper locations AT THE TIME OF SALE OR TRANSFER.  At the closing of a sale of a home the seller is required to provide a certificate that indicates that the home being sold complies with residential smoke alarm requirements.  This form has been modified to reflect the new CO alarm requirement.  Without this certificate the closing cannot take place.

Acushnet residents with questions about this new law or those interested in receiving additional information are asked to contact the department by any means listed on our "CONTACT" page by clicking on the hyper-linked text.



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