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LOW (GREEN) Low Risk of Terrorist Attack

Develop and maintain a comprehensive Emergency Response Plan that is shared with all departments/ensure that individual department heads understand the specific roles assigned to their departments by the Emergency Response Plan

All departments continue to train personnel in accordance with the responsibilities assigned through the Emergency Response Plan

Identify all critical facilities and potential risk areas and regularly assess for vulnerabilities to attack

Conduct periodic drills incorporating all relevant departments utilizing the Unified Command system with full communications capabilities

PUBLIC RESPONSE: request that residents remain observant and report any occurrences that seems out of place or unusual

GUARDED (Blue) General Risk of Attack

Complete actions at lower level and the following:

Ensure that the Town emergency communication plan is updated and that the necessary equipment is purchased

Check inventory of all pertinent equipment, address shortcomings

Check communications capabilities between emergency response departments (Police, Fire, EMS, EMA, Health, Public Works, Town Government); address any negative finding

Review and, if necessary, update emergency response plan

Initiate periodic meetings of emergency response departments

PUBLIC RESPONSE: request that residents be alert to any suspicious activity and report it immediately

ELEVATED (Yellow) Significant Risk of Attack

Complete actions at lower level and the following:

Identify additional sources of assistance (personnel, equipment) from surrounding communities

Coordinate emergency response plan with neighboring communications and review appropriate mutual aid agreements

Confirm telephone, cell phone and pager numbers of all personnel in each emergency response department

Develop alternate routes of transit for emergency evacuation

Ensure that all emergency shelters are identified and prepared for use

PUBLIC RESPONSE: residents should be encouraged to take the following actions:
1) Establish an emergency communication plan for your family members in the case you are separated
2) Create a contact phone list with family members, neighbors and necessary medical personnel
3) Maintain a stock of necessary household items such as nonperishable foods, water, flashlights, batteries and a battery operated radio
4) Keep necessary medications on-hand

HIGH (Orange) Severe Risk of Terrorist Attack

Complete actions at lower level and the following:

Establish weekly meetings of emergency response department heads who will review and update as necessary the emergency response plan

Coordinate with the Superintendent of Schools as to the readiness of the primary emergency shelters, ensure availability of secondary shelters

Coordinate necessary security efforts with Federal, State and local area law enforcement agencies

Ensure that the communication plan is understood/practiced by all appropriate departments

Restrict access to emergency response department to authorized personnel only

PUBLIC RESPONSE: Residents should be alert to suspicious activities and report it immediately, exercise caution when traveling and take additional precautions at public events or when in large gatherings

RED (High): High Risk of Terrorist Attack

Complete actions at lower level and the following

Daily meetings of emergency response department heads


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