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An upgrading of the manner in which fire alarms are sent from town buildings to the Fire Department is currently underway.  Presently, a copper wire telephone line runs from each town building to the alarm panel at the fire station.  This system has been in place for over 30 years and is prone to failure resulting in costly false alarms.  A few years ago Town Meeting appropriated $55,000 to switch to a radio frequency system.  Installation work began this week and within a month the following buildings will be upgraded:  Council on Aging, Presidential Terrace, Russell Memorial Library, Town Hall, Parting Ways Building, Golf Course Maintenance, Fire Station #2, Community Center, Town Barn as well as the Middle and Elementary Schools.


A technician installs a radio antenna to Fire Station #2.  When the fire alarm is activated, a radio signal is sent to the receiving unit at Fire Station #1.


A typical tie-in of the alarm panel with the radio trasmitter.


New antenna mounted to the roof of the Russell Street fire station receives radio signals sent from town buildings.


Brand new computerized receiver unit located in the dispatch room at Fire Station #1.  The new unit visually displays incoming alarms on a digital computer screen as well as a printed recording of the alarm, seen at the top right of the receiver unit.  Located nearby the unit is the battery back-up power supply unit.


The former 30 year-old alarm system, located in the dispatch room at Station 1.  Upon completion of the new alarm installations, this telephone wire operated system will be retired and subsequently removed from the "desk room."


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