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Please review this section to learn more about the current issues for Acushnet residents.

Chief to be honored for fire safety crusade

A Sunny Day in Acushnet:  Solar Panels installed on Fire Headquarters

International Association of Fire Chiefs article:

State Board Gives Thumbs Up to Building Code Change

Modular Home Construction to Change

"Where There's Smoke..."

"Still Smoldering" - Follow up on modular home fires.

Modular Homes:  Built to Burn?

Fire Chief will head Fire Department and EMS

World Trade Center steel set to be centerpiece of 9/11 memorial:

Mass Casualty Incident exercise in Fairhaven

Swine Flu:  Protect but don't panic:

Chief says dual Fire/EMS role is working:

Acushnet EMS / Fire Departments working well together:

Emergency planning group succeeds in changing Pandemic response:

Acushnet takes a beating by severe storms:

"Keep the heat on fire inquiry"

State looks into safety of adhesive used in Modular homes:

Local Fire Departments learning how to deal with Hybrid Cars:

Chief Gallagher awarded for helping change national policy:

Discarded Cigarette may be to Blame for Sunday Blaze (1-15-08)

Acushnet Family Escapes Blaze (1-14-08)

Acushnet Fire / Rescue Honors 20-year veteran

Towns seek volunteers for Medical Reserve Corps

Truss Labeling Would Save Firefighters' Lives

Massachusetts Call and Volunteer Firefighters' Association donates $500

SEMASS Blaze among biggest faced by local fire departments:

Chief proposes new "truss identification" program:

Chief Gallagher selected as Mass. VFW's Firefighter of the Year

Staying one step ahead of flu pandemic:

Acushnet Fire and Police Departments take delivery of grant funded ATVs:

Learn more about the Avian Flu:

Important Carbon Monoxide information for all Acushnet Residents:

Fire Alarm System for Town Buildings being upgraded:

Grant Funding Updates


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