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Mass Casualty Incident - Joint Multi-Agency Emergency Preparedness Drill
Fairhaven, MA - October 20, 2009

Fire, EMS, and Police personnel from several local communities participated in a Mass Casualty Incident, or MCI, drill in Fairhaven on October 20, 2009.  Simulating a fuel tanker colliding with a school bus, participating responders were tasked with extrication, triage, and hazmat mitigation scenarios, testing the response skills and interoperability of local communities such as Acushnet, Fairhaven, Mattapoisett, Wareham, Rochester, and Freetown.  Photos of the incident were provided by Ed Pepin, Fairhaven Fire Department Photo Unit.

Vehicle Extrication - Fire / EMS Drill - September 28, 2009

Members of both Acushnet Fire/Rescue and Acushnet EMS conducted a joint vehicle extrication drill at Riverside Auto Salvage.  The drill allowed fire department members not only to practice extrication techniques using the hydraulic extrication equipment, but also how to better assist EMS personnel in properly protecting patients during the process as well as how to properly "package" a patient during extrication operations.  Photos of the drill provided by Captain Mike Rothwell.  Special thanks to Firefighter Marc Cenerizio for providing the vehicle as well as putting in the work to create realistic damage as would be seen at a real incident. 

Pumping/Drafting Operations Drill - August 31, 2009

If there's a fire and there aren't any fire hydrants as far as the eye can see, there's only one thing left to do--find the nearest lake or pond, and draft.  In areas of limited water supply, fire departments are trained to draft water from nearby natural water sources to fire fires.  On Monday August 31st, 2009, Acushnet firefighters practiced drafting and pumping techniques at the former town beach located off of Lake Street.  Photos by Captain Mike Rothwell.

Rope & Ladder Drill - June 29, 2009

Acushnet Firefighters practiced how to safely extricate an injured victim from a rooftop position during the Department Drill for June 2009.  Combining ground ladder operations with techniques for safely securing a Stokes rescue basket with ropes, firefighters used a mannequin for a pretend victim to be packaged, and safely lowered to the ground for waiting emergency crews to tend to.  Photos by Captain Mike Rothwell.

Ventilation Drill - April 27, 2009

Using a simulated roof prop, built by Firefighter Eric Arruda and Captain Al Robichaud, Acushnet firefighters were able to practice vertical ventilation tactics using power saws and hand tools.  Vertical Ventilation is often conducted during a structure fire in conjunction with an interior fire attack.  By ventilating the highest point of a structure above the fire, the products of combustion (smoke, heat) are allowed to escape the building much easier, allowing firefighters greater visibility as well as decreased temperatures in order to conduct firefighting operations and searches.  Photos from the drill provided by Captain Mike Rothwell.

Search and Rescue Drill - February 23, 2009

Acushnet firefighters took part in a search and rescue drill at the Acushnet Community Center on Middle Road.  A downed-firefighter situation was used for the training evolution and groups were timed on how quickly they extricated the firefighter.  Below are pictures from the drill provided by Captain Mike Rothwell.


Joint Fire/EMS Vehicle Extrication Training - November 24, 2008

Members of both the Acushnet Fire/Rescue Department and the Acushnet Emergency Medical Services took part in the practical portion of a two-part vehicle extrication hosted by the Fire Department.  Members of both departments were able to get a first hand look at the extrication process, as well as how EMTs and Paramedics successfully immobilize auto accident victims for transport.

Vehicle Extrication Training - June 23, 2008

Firefighters were able to practice using the hydraulic vehicle extrication tools during a drill at Station 1.  Two donated vehicles were made available for use during the drill.  Photos below from the drill.

Pump/Drafting Drill - June 16, 2008

Acushnet firefighters practiced their skills in pumping and drafting water at the Town Barn on Middle Road recently.  The portable drop tank from Tanker 1 was used to setup a draft location for Engine 5 to draft from, which in turn supplied water to nearby Squad 2.  Drills of this nature are essential for keeping all personnel sharp when dealing with fire ground water flow issues.

Recruit Training - June 2008

Recruit Firefighter Eric Reilly is currently completing his recruit training in the Firefighter I/II certification class being held by the Mass Fire Academy at the Fall River Fire Department's training facility.  Pictured below are Eric and some of his fellow recruits from the class taking part in live fire evolutions in the MFA's Live Fire Simulator.  This mobile training unit has several different props contained within it, including a kitchen fire, bedroom fire, and trash fire simulation all in separate rooms.  The fire is fueled by propane and is controlled by members of the MFA in a protected control room.  Smoke is generated within the trailer by a petroleum liquid based substance.  (Recruit Reilly is pictured below with the #84 on his helmet)


Large Area Search Drill

November 26, 2007

Department members practiced using rope-led search techniques to search large, open spaces.  The drill was held in the auditorium of the Acushnet Middle School.  These types of searches are often conducted in manufacturing facilities or garage buildings that often have expansive, wide-open interior rooms that often need to be searched in the event of a fire.  (Click on thumbnails for larger images)


Ice Rescue Drill

March 3, 2007

Department members conducted an Ice Rescue Drill recently, using the cold weather to their advantage.  Firefighters used cold water emersion suits to practice their rescue techniques in the event that someone falls through the ice.  The "victims" were played by other department members dressed in the emersion suits.  The drill was conducted in the waters off of Lake Street.  (click on thumbnails to view larger images)


Aerial Ladder Truck Demonstrator

August 21, 2006

Department members got an opportunity to gain some experience with aerial ladder truck operations as the local Sutphen Fire Apparatus dealer brought a mid-mounted 75' quint truck to town.  The sales representatives showed off the trucks capabilities and also allowed members to climb the aerial device to the roof of the Acushnet Elementary Schools.  During this time, several members also practiced using portable extension ladders as well.


Rescue Boat Exercise

Firefighters Tom Farland and Paul Frysinger took the department's rescue boat out for a routine training exercise on north pond off of Lake Street recently.  In the event of a water rescue in any of the Town's lakes and ponds, the department's Rescue Squad would respond with Engine 3 towing the boat to the scene.  Routine exercises such as this help to keep members trained and ready for any situation that may arise.


Training Drill - Hydraulic Extrication

May 22, 2006

Acushnet firefighters practiced using the latest in Hydraulic Extrication equipment possessed by the department during a drill at a local auto salvage yard.  The new equipment is much lighter and more powerful than the system that was recently replaced.  New extrication techniques were also practiced so that members will be better prepared for any unexpected situation that may arise.



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